What is blockchain good for? What impact will it have on my industry? How do other companies implement blockchain? What could be the best solution for my business? How could Blockchains possibly disintermediate my business and which startups could become disruptors?

We will provide you with the knowledge to answer these questions and offer an overview of prominent actors in the scene, use cases and current trends based on your industry and your needs. Furthermore we discuss with you the possible disintermediation through blockchain, how it can transform your industry’s value chain very soon and which players are currently working on it.


Impact of Blockchain

  • Disintermediation & trustless exchange
  • Empowered users
  • High quality data
  • Durability, reliability, and longevity of Data
  • Process integrity between untrusted partners
  • Transparency and immutability of ledgers
  • Simplification of global ecosystems
  • Faster transactions in banking
  • Lower transaction costs


Business Relevance

  • Understand and influence potentials of Blockchain
  • Get (early) access to talent & innovation
  • Find a solution that fits best to your business
  • Enablement: organization to work technology-focused


Goals of Workshop

  • Learn from best practices of blockchain technology
  • Understand benefits and challenges of Blockchain technology
  • Find suitable solution for your business and your needs
  • Foresee upcoming trends and be early adopter of disrupting technology


Participants/ Requirements

  • Decision makers and developers with the goal to find a suitable blockchain solution for their business
  • General knowledge and understanding of blockchain recommended
  • Level: Beginner
  • Max. of 12 Participants



A business oriented workshop with little technical aspects and the goal to develop a basement for a customized blockchain solution

  • What is blockchain good for? – Industry specific Use Cases
    • Disintermediation, Asset Securitization, Asset Management, Digital Identity, Provenance, eCertification, Radical Transparency, eGovernment, on-chain relationships
  • What will your industry look like in the future?
    • Existing Projects, New players in the field, ICOs, industry adoption, societal adoption, Impact on Value Chain
  • What features do you need?
    • public vs. private blockchain, consensus algorithm, security vs. speed, transparency vs. privacy
  • What solutions fit to your needs?
    • Draft of possible solutions