Blockchains are disrupting the role of middlemen in economic transactions, simplify backend processes and enable completely new business models with its ready infrastructure. How will corporations adapt and startups thrive in the decentralized crypto economy?

In this workshop we will uncover the innovation potential of Blockchain, it’s low-hanging fruits and its impact on a variety of industries. In a Design Thinking approach we will locate your company on the ecosystem in order to assess how Blockchain can become a new platform for your business and which role it will take in the future.

Coming Soon: If you’re interested in this workshop don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Together we will find the perfect workshop for you.


Business Relevance

  • Blockchains are becoming a new foundational technology for the backend of corporate alliances, business models and for peer-to-peer platforms
  • Understanding the technology and the potential impact of Blockchain is necessary to cope with the digital transformation
  • Early experimentation with use-cases and training of new talents is best-practice to build the future
  • Anticipate possible shifts in future value chains
  • Make a first step in bringing your business model to the next level


Goals of Workshop

  • Understand basic concept of blockchain
  • Get in touch with technology
  • Understand business relevance and disruptive potential of blockchain
  • See and understand best practices of different industries
  • Foresee upcoming trends and be first player on the market
  • Innovate your business model


Participants/ Requirements

  • Decision makers with interest  to investigate the disruptive potential of blockchain technology
  • No experience needed
  • Introductory level
  • max. participants: 12



  • Theory
    1. Disruption of Intermediaries
    2. Old vs. new economy
    3. Use-Cases
    4. Banking, payment, p2p, lending, insurance
    5. The new middlemen
      • Processes
      • Roles
      • Companies
    6. Business-Models
      • Micro/Maxi-Payment (Warenkörbe von 50.000€ online-shopping of cars)
      • New Business Models
  • Design Thinking
    1. Brainstorm
    2. Ecosystem analysis
    3. Platform Business Model Canvas