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Business Relevance

  • Blockchains are becoming a new foundational technology for the backend of corporate alliances, business models and for peer-to-peer platforms
  • Understanding the technology and the potential impact of Blockchain is necessary to cope with the digital transformation
  • Early experimentation with use-cases and training of new talents is best-practice to build the future
  • Anticipate possible shifts in future value chains
  • Make a first step and get an understanding of blockchain’s impact on corporate treasury and finance


Goals of Workshop

  • Understand basic concept of blockchain
  • Get in touch with technology
  • Understand business relevance and disruptive potential of blockchain
  • See and understand best practices of treasury and finance use cases
  • Foresee upcoming trends and be first player on the market


Participants/ Requirements

  • Decision makers with interest  to investigate the disruptive potential of blockchain technology with regard on corporate treasury and finance
  • No experience needed
  • Introductory level
  • Good working internet connection and laptops
  • max. participants: 12