The workshop will consists of practical and theoretical parts which will help you to start your first crypto investments. You will learn very basics about the underlying technology of cryptocurrencies and you will be able to distinguish between cryptos with real value and those with low value, which are often called “scams”. We will make you comfortable with the use of cryptocurrency exchanges and show you how to keep your investments safe. Further you will learn basics about initial coin offerings (ICOs) and how to participate in a new crypto project at early stage. Combining risks and chances is hard in the beginning, that’s why we will provide you a basic investment strategy to make the most out your investments.

Disclaimer: As professionals we are not offering investment advice and whether a cryptocurrency fits to one needs or not. You always have to do your own research and our workshop serves as basement for a safe start into the crypto investment space. But we will prepare you, so that you can make solid judgements on your own.


Goals of Workshop

  • Understand basics of blockchain
  • Get an overview of cryptocurrencies
  • Buy your first cryptos
  • Overview of different exchanges and investment platforms
  • Sources for your own research
  • Basics of ICOs and how to participate


Participants/ Requirements

  • Everyone with interest in cryptocurrencies, blockchain and investment chances of that technology
  • Beginner Level
  • Max. of 20 Participants



Workshop with theory, frameworks and exercises

  1. Introduction
    • Cryptocurrencies – A new asset class
    • History of securitisation
    • What´s a bitcoin & history
    • Blockchain basics
  2. Investing
    • How to buy your first cryptos
    • Trade or HODL?
    • How to safely store your investments
    • How to filter out good investments
    • Basics of ICOs
    • Legal & taxes
  3. Code & Security
    • Security-risks
    • Bugs and Code-exploits
  4. Exercises
    • Setting up accounts
    • Securing your private key
    • Altcoins comparison
  5. The daily life and struggle of crypto-investors
    • How to detect a scam
    • How to pick a honest coin out of scam-pool
    • Framework of investment-due diligence