Bitcoin is a new global monetary system that enables peer to peer transfer of value and a new era of money. Together with us you will discover the simplicity that makes former money or value transfers obsolete.

We will help you to understand the benefits of Bitcoin and the chances that rely within the new asset class. Together we will get your first bitcoins and show you how to store and transfer them safely. We will compare different kinds of wallets and will have hands-on cold storage and hardware wallets to find the best combination of security and convenience for you. You will understand the basics of blockchain and will have an overview about other cryptocurrencies and their differences compared with Bitcoin.


Goals of Workshop

  • Understand basic concept of blockchain, cryptography and Bitcoin
  • See different ways of purchasing bitcoins
  • Try different ways of storing Bitcoins safely


Participants/ Requirements

  • Decision makers and developers with interest in Bitcoin and it’s daily usage
  • No experience needed
  • Introductory level
  • Good working internet connection and laptops
  • max. participants: 12



Workshop with theory, frameworks and exercises

  1. Introduction
    • Cryptocurrencies – A new asset class
    • History of securitisation
    • What´s a bitcoin & history
    • Blockchain basics
  2. Practice
    • How to buy Bitcoin
    • Wallet selection and safe storage of Bitcoin
    • Password selection
    • Exchanges and Coinshops
    • Legal & taxes
    • Risks
  3. Discussion
    • Miner-politics
    • Forks, Minier-politics, scams, security,…
    • Direction and trend of cryptocurrencies