Initial Coin Offerings is like crowdfunding, but 10-times larger and faster. If you want to know how to profit from the trend, how to avoid legal pitfalls and hacks, we will provide you with the knowledge and best-practice process on how to fund your startup-idea.

Running an ICO on the full-digital infrastructure of Ethereum/a Blockchain needs a new understanding on how to plan and execute the campaign, but also a new level of transparency is expected by a observant audience. To avoid campaigning pitfalls, security-breaches and being mistaken with scammers, our experienced crypto-investors, consultants and developers show you best-practices for deliverables, token structure and ICO-Smart Contract.

This workshop should help to understand what is behind an ICO and what is needed to do a successful ICO. Further we will show examples of past ICOs and give insights to the unclear regulatory issues that come with ICOs. We provide you with theoretical and practical exercises to see how initial coin offerings work and help you to create your first own token.

Marketing and community management are crucial for an ICO, and it’s also important to understand regulatory issues and risks of ICOs same as importance of KYC processes.


Business Relevance

  • Separate the hype from the real value offered by initial coin offerings as new financing models based on crowdsourcing
  • Anticipate chances and risks offered by ICOs and foresee future impact of them on the VC segment
  • Understanding the technology and the potential impact of Blockchain is necessary to cope with the digital transformation


Goals of Workshop

  1. Understand basics of ICO
    • risks and chances of ICOs
    • regulatory issues and current law
  2. Create your own Token
  3. See examples of successful ICOs
    • tools and jobs that are needed
    • “To Do List”


Participants/ Requirements

  • Decision Makers and Entrepreneurs with interest to understand the latest trend of venture capital and crowd funding based on blockchain technology
  • Good working Internet connection and Laptops
  • Beginner Level
  • Max. of 12 Participants



Workshop with theory, frameworks and exercises

  1. Theory:
    • Basics, Basics (is it a share? a licence, a product?)
    • The new maxim of crowdfunding (Pull vs. Push)
    • Full digital infrastructure of funding
    • How to bridge Crypto and Fiat
  2. ICO Process:
    • Basics
      • Token structure (Cap or no cap?)
      • pre-ico? pre-mining?
      • Know your customer
    • Deliverables
      • White, yellow and commercial paper
      • Website, Social media channels
      • Business Strategy and roll-out
      • Management & advisory
    • Marketing
      • Community management
      • Communication with whales, investors
      • Bounty campaigning
      • Team-building
      • Legal
  • Code
      • Introduction to Smart Contract
      • How to create your own Token
  • Exercises
  • Best-Practices and experience report