The first step is sometimes the hardest. But we´re making it easy to get inside the new mindset  and help you to separate the facts from the noise. 

In this workshop we cover the whole basic knowledge, practical use and will further provide you with best practices of blockchain technology. Furthermore we offer a foresight into upcoming trends in the blockchain universe, from our perspective as front-runners in the application of Blockchain. It’s our philosophy to get in touch with blockchain to get a deeper understanding, therefore you will do your first transactions on a blockchain and do some other practical exercises.


Business Relevance

  • Blockchains are becoming a new foundational technology for the backend of corporate alliances, business models and for peer-to-peer platforms
  • Understanding the technology and the potential impact of Blockchain is necessary to cope with the digital transformation
  • Early experimentation with use-cases and training of new talents is best-practice to build the future
  • Anticipate possible shifts in future value chains


Goals of Workshop

  • Understand basic concept of blockchain
  • Get in touch with technology
  • Understand business relevance and disruptive potential of blockchain
  • See and understand best practices of different industries
  • Foresee upcoming trends and be first player on the market


Participants/ Requirements

  • Decision makers and developers with interest  to investigate the disruptive potential of blockchain technology
  • No experience needed
  • Introductory level
  • Good working internet connection and laptops
  • max. participants: 12



  1. Feel Blockchain
    • Using a wallet, execute a transaction, see the effects on the public ledger
  2. Basics about Blockchain (e.g. transactions, wallets…)
    • The underlying principles, Public/Private Keys, Transactions, Blocks
  3. Mining & Consensus
    • Proof of Work, Emergent Consensus, Mining Pools, Money Supply Control
  4. Smart Contracts
    • Programmable Money, Automatic enforcement of contractual rules, distributed autonomous organisations, prediction markets, wisdom of the crowd
  5. What is it good for? (Use Cases)
    • Disintermediation, Asset Securitization, Asset Management, Digital Identity, Provenance, eCertification, Radical Transparency, eGovernment, on-chain relationships
  6. What’s going on? (Future trends)
    • Existing Projects, New players in the field, ICOs, industry adoption, societal adoption