Smart Contracts bring a new level of automation to the B2B settlement, in which way can they benefit your business?

In this workshop we´re going to discuss everything from the development of cryptography to the development of decentralized applications. We give you the complete overview in discerning how Blockchains work and teach you the abilities to actually work within the most developed multi purpose Blockchain out there, Ethereum.

We want to make this workshop interesting and fun, therefore we´re combining hands-on exercises of encryption, sending transactions, using Ethereum clients and dApps. But also explain how it all works behind the front-end to demystify the black-box and the buzzwords which make the technology opaque to beginners.


Impact of Ethereum

  • General purpose Blockchain Platform
  • Standardisation of Smart Contracts allow faster deployment
  • dApp ecosystems encourage innovation
  • Web 3.0 makes the internet decentral and safer
  • Token-economy accelerates startup funding
  • Simplification of global ecosystems
  • Lower transaction-fees enable new businesses


Business Relevance

  • Understand and influence potentials of Ethereum and public Blockchains
  • Get (early) access to talent and build own skills
  • Start ideation in your organization and find a solution that fits best to your business
  • Get encouraged to join the open source developer community


Goals of Workshop

  • Learn from best practices of blockchain technology
  • Understand benefits and challenges of Blockchain technology
  • Find suitable solution for your business and your needs
  • Foresee upcoming trends and be early adopter of disrupting technology


Participants/ Requirements

  • Developers with the goal to get hands on ethereum and develop their first Dapps and Smart Contracts
  • General knowledge and understanding of blockchain recommended
  • Good working internet connection and Laptops needed
  • Introductory Level
  • Max. of 12 Participants



A developer oriented workshop

  • Insights into the Ethereum Virtual Machine, decentralized Apps, asset-tokens, the transaction-mechanic of gas and Token-uses for badges, voting, crowdsourcing and DAO
  • Further basic Solidity exercises on compiling and deploying contracts, more advanced tooling and clients, creation of own tokens
  • ERC-20 Standard, Securitized Fiat, own crypto asset, ICO
  • Basic syntax, basic control structures, EVM, compiler, opcodes, turing complete, yet another language?