You are determined to start building on Ethereum? You already did some Solidity and want to continue your journey into Smart Contracts? Then it’s time for developers to get their hands really dirty!

This workshop is the second step to continue  on the Ethereum Virtual Machine platform. We will expand our tools, infrastructure, deploy advanced Solidity Smart Contracts, build on a use-case and finish with a dApp. We will help your team to accelerate the getting started phase and avoid the early pitfalls, to immediately focus on your use case, experiments and prototypes.


Goals of Workshop

  • Get a deeper understanding of how Solidity works
  • Reach the next level of developing Dapps and Smart Contracts


Participants & Requirements

  • Eager to learn more about a mind blowing technology
  • Intermediate computer use experience (opening application, use an internet browser, interact with a terminal)
  • Already first programming experience with Solidity, Javascript or C++
  • Computer with “Remote Desktop Connection”-app
  • 2x Internet connection at the workshop location per participant + trainer
  • max. participants: 12



  • Introduction and refresher to Ethereum & Smart Contracts
    • Solidity and Smart Contract programming and syntax
    • Basic syntax, basic control structures, EVM, compiler, opcodes, turing complete
  • Tooling & Infrastructure of Ethereum
    • Hands-on exercise include interaction with Ethereum clients, such as Mist and MetaMask and basic Solidity introduction
  • More insights and exercises into the Ethereum Virtual Machine, decentral Apps, asset-tokens, the transaction-mechanic of gas and Token-uses for badges, voting, crowdsourcing and DAO
  • Further basic Solidity exercises on compiling and deploying contracts, more advanced tooling and clients, creation of own tokens
  • ERC-20 Standard, Securitized Fiat, own crypto asset, ICO
  • Web 3.0
  • Insights into ICOs, the connection between off-chain and on-chain through Oracles, introduction to Web 3.0, best practices of smart contract development,
  • Advanced Solidity exercises, such as inheritance; abstract contracts, libraries, modifiers, security, Truffle and Web 3.0 tooling, event-driven interface development for smart contracts and functional tests for smart contracts