To understand the differences in the variety of the recently emerging Blockchain-Platforms we’ve established this workshop to build an understanding of the capabilities, possibilities and limitations of the different Blockchains.

We dissect, compare and categorize their strengths and limitations for their usability in different industries and which problems they can solve in a company or customer scenario.

If you´re a decision maker, innovator, developer or entrepreneur, this workshop will give you the framework and understanding how to lead your company into first Proof of Concepts and how to connect with the Blockchain community to accelerate your learning curve.


Business Relevance

  • Blockchains are becoming a new foundational technology for the backend of corporate alliances, business models and for peer-to-peer platforms
  • Understanding the technology  and the influence potentials impact of Blockchain is necessary to cope with the digital transformation
  • Early experimentation with use-cases and training of new talents is best-practice to build the future
  • Enablement of: organization to work technology- and cooperative focused
  • Anticipate possible shifts in future value chains
  • Company Blockchains will connect vertically along value chains and interoperability continue to connect them across industries, therefore is the choice of the right platform a matter of competitive advantage
  • Each Blockchain has different pro´s and con´s, deciding which one you need has to build on solid theory foundation and practical experience


Goals of Workshop

  • Understand basic concept of Blockchain
  • Understand the framework of Blockchain comparison
  • Understand business relevance and disruptive potential of a selection of Blockchains
  • See and understand best practices of different industries
  • Foresee upcoming trends and be first player on the market
  • Get an overview of different blockchain technologies
  • Weight Pros and Cons with regard to your needs
  • Find a suitable solution for your business
  • Hands on the technology: Build your own very basic blockchain application


Participants/ Requirements

  • Decision makers and developers with the goal to find a suitable blockchain solution for their business
  • General knowledge and understanding of blockchain recommended
  • Know needed features of blockchain solution
  • Intermediate level
  • Max. of 12 Participants



Workshop with overview of suitable blockchain technology

  • Types of consensus mechanisms
    • Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, Federated Byzantine Agreement
  • Types of blockchain – public, private or consortium
    • transparency vs. privacy, decentralization vs. centralization
  • Suitable blockchain solutions and features
  • Ethereum, Bitcoin, Hyperledger, Bigchain DB, Ripple, Lisk, IOTA
    • Strengths, Weaknesses, Capabilities
  • Brainstorming and decision about favorized solution